Learn how to love your own body

Do you love your own body? It has always surprised me how many women seem to spend time hating their bodies instead of loving them. That does not only apply to the average girl in the street, but many of the girls at Aperfield escorts of https://charlotteaction.org/aperfield-escorts spend hours looking at their bodies in a critical sort of way. I keep on wondering why they do so, and wonder why they cannot learn how to love their bodies instead. Surely, it can’t be so difficult.


I still think too many women resort to plastic surgery when they find an imperfection. That is not only true of the girls at Aperfield escorts, but even some models and movie stars seem to think that going under the knife is the final solution. Of course, celebs or wannabe celebs are the worst. They probably keep many of London’s top plastic surgery clinics going and going. The silly thing it can be anything from fix my crocked tooth up to a complete face lift or bum lift.


What really worries me is how young these girls are. Many of the girls that I speak to are around 16 years old and they are already saving up for plastic surgery. Here at Aperfield escorts I would say that half of the girls have had some sort of enhancement surgery. If you ask me, it all seems very strange and selfish some how. Do girls as young 18 years old really need to have a thigh reduction? Can’t they simply try some exercise first.


Then we have the hair thing. Sure, I like to look good when I am at Aperfield escorts but I don’t go over the top unlike some of the other girls. My long experience of the escort industry in London tells me that gents really like natural looking girls. Can you pick out hair extensions? Once you have had some experience, you can quickly pick out which girls at Aperfield escorts have had hair extensions. Does it look nice? No, I am afraid that I think that hair extensions can look just as fake as fake lips. It does not nothing for me, and surely dating is about more than long blond hair.  It is about having a good time and enjoying the experience which is right for you.


Learning to love your body is the best way. I have a pretty good body in my own eyes, and many of my colleagues at Aperfield escorts agree with me. Am I fake? No, I am not fake at all. I have not had one enhancement or any hair extensions. Instead I have focused on looking after myself and my body. Yes, I do indulge my body and show it that I love it. My body always gets the best. Does it have some imperfections? Of course, it does but I can’t think of anybody who has not got a body with an imperfection or two. In my eyes, that is what makes us human.



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