He thought that he would get away with it…

A couple of months back, I was going out with this guy who I had met at a pub. He seemed perfectly okay at first, and he was actually one of these people that you start to trust very quickly. Did I enjoy his company? Out of all the boyfriends that I had met since I joined Ilford escorts of https://charlotteaction.org/ilford-escorts, it would be okay to say that I did enjoy his company. It was not long before he started to spend a lot of time around my place, and I even gave him they key.


Normally I am a lot more cautious than that, but this guy honestly came across as he could do no wrong at all. I even let him meet the other girls at Ilford escorts, and they seem to be as taken with him as I was at the time. However, there was one girl at Ilford escorts who was not that keen on him. She told me that there was something about him that she would not trust. At the time I was so madly in love with him that I did not listen to her at all. I should have heeded her warning.


One of my special dates at Ilford escorts love to surprise me with little gifts. He travelled to Dubai a lot, and from what I can tell, his favorite spare time pleasure is to spend time shopping in the gold souks of Dubai. This time, he came back from Dubai and gave me the most stunning necklace. When I got back home that evening, I was just dying to show it to my boyfriend before I put in my personal wall safe.


As I put the necklace in my safe, I felt a sudden chill come over me. I did not really know what it was, but the truth is that I felt that there was like a disturbance in the air. If I would have been a Star Wars fanatic, I would have said that I felt that there was a disturbance in the force. When I looked around, I notice that my boyfriend was checking out the contents of the safe. It contained cash tips and nice gifts that I had received from my dates at Ilford escorts. What really worried me, was that he was smiling to himself. It made me wonder if my friend at Ilford escorts had been right.


That night I did not sleep too well, and during the day, I felt really restless. It was that smile on my boyfriend face that had worried me a lot, and it really made me wonder what was going on. That evening one of my regulars cancelled his date because he had the flu, and I was able to get home early. To this day I am not sure what made me do it, but I rushed home. It must have been nature’s way of telling me something was wrong. As I walked into my flat, I caught my boyfriend just closing the door on my safe clearly expecting to walk away with the contents. I looked at him, looked the door behind me, and called the police. This was something that he was not going to get away with … no man robs me.

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