A happy and strong relationship depends on the couple

If both of you has the same goal at the very start to keep the relationship, then you can if you will. I believe that there are always circumstances in every relationship, there is no perfect couple, but if you want to last the connection you have, do not give up no matter how hard it is. Nowadays, giving up is very easy to say, and forget all the moments and memories you have. Love is beautiful, especially when you find a partner that suits you. You meet the day with a grateful heart, you are inspired every day, and motivated.


One of the beautiful moment that happened to my life is when I meet Krisha. She is a beautiful woman, and can’t deny her glamorous look. The first time I met her, I knew that I have feelings for her, it made me believe in love at first sight. She is a transferee to our school; everyone was wowed with her. She has black long hair and gray eyes. Every time she smiles, it melts my heart and fantasizes her. It is my first time to be coward in approaching a woman, and fear of rejection. So for years, I am happy and contented seeing her in school, and stalking her on social media. She is also a varsity player in volleyball, best in dance and singing. She is an ideal woman that every man wishes to have. Every day I prayed for us and wished that my love will be given a chance.


During our last year in college, I am so happy that she finally notice me. I excel in English and she is in math. She was the one who talks to me, and can’t imagine how this beautiful lady is talking to me right now. So it was a fun conversation that ended on exchanging numbers. We messaged each other and started to hangouts. She was fun to be with, has a sense of humor and knows what she’s doing. Until such time, I am brave enough to confess my feelings; she is a hard woman to please, she wants a long and lasting relationship, so she gave me challenges to win her. I knew that she is worth to have, and months of courting we became a couple. But it was a smooth and rocky relationship. Our last cool off is because I say hurtful words to her. I turn to Ilford Escorts to relax and ask for some help. Ilford Escorts teach me how to be sorry, and accept my fault. I was enlightened by an Ilford Escorts from https://charlotteaction.org/ilford-escorts to lower pride sometimes to last a relationship. If not because of Ilford Escorts, I think our relationship permanently ended.

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