Middle-Aged Woman Hires Black Male Escort For A Different Sexual Pleasure

Sex can be that one thing that everyone gets pleasure doing. This has also been the experience of one English woman, aged 35 years going by the name Beatrice. Since Beatrice was 21years old, she has depended on male escorts from a famous escort agency www.cityofeve.org in her neighborhood. However, she had never been with a black male escort. She had heard from two of her workmates who hire male escorts that most of the black men they had slept with had bigger penises. They also indicated that these black men are far much better in bed than their White counterparts. So Beatrice then opted to give it a try.

As a routine, she could hire male escorts at least once or twice every two weeks, especially on Fridays going into the weekend. Two weeks later on Wednesday evening after work, she got onto her laptop and revisited her favorite “friend” – a local escort agency. She set a search filter to only display results of black escorts. Using the description of men her friends were talking about, she landed one that fit that description. His name is Jonathan Oluyemi. She hired this sexy black escort to fulfill her sexual needs. She booked him for a Friday evening to Sunday afternoon assignment.

On Friday evening, Jonathan visited Beatrice at her residence as already agreed. Jonathan is an outgoing guy, so he found it easy to mingle with Beatrice. As usual, Beatrice welcomed him with a small drink. After finishing the drink they began kissing passionately. Jonathan had now found a new drink on Beatrice’s chest, sucking her nipples and nibbling just a little. She had become red hot.

He took her hand and quickly led her to the dining room. She bent over the table, surrendering herself to Jonathan. One, two three spanks are what came next. Using his hands, he aligned the butt to allow for a better view of her pussy. He then went in, though partially. You could get a feeling that his slightly long and thick penis was chocking Beatrice’s pussy. He made several controlled thrusts – careful not to go in entirely. He aimed to stimulate parts close to the surface. Beatrice had already started dancing, not out of pain but great stimulation of her clit and its surrounding. The vibrations in her body kept going up as she pushed outward trying to minimize the distance Jonathan’s dick could cover. It was all clear that she was approaching her orgasm. One deep final entry is all that she was looking for, and he delivered it to her. She lay flat on the table with neither a word nor the power to move her body. After a few seconds, she tossed herself onto the couch and caught a deep sleep. After close to two hours, she was up again, though not sure whether she wanted a second dose for fear of it diluting the pleasure she had got.

That was just the beginning of weekend goodies Jonathan Oluyemi had brought o Beatrice. He continued to fulfill her every fantasy throughout the weekend. She knew that Jonathan had now become her new favorite escort to hire.